This is a very hard exam

I had been studying for the CySA+ certification exam since October 2019. Along with studying at home, I had also been taking the CySA+ class at the San Diego Continuing Education North City Campus. On Friday, January 17th, I took the exam and used almost the entire 165 minutes. A third of the exam was looking at logs, and to be honest, I haven’t had a lot of experience with it. I scored a 675. A minimum score of 750 is passing. The exam was very different from the practice exams. I shouldn’t be surprised as the Security+ exam was very different as well. But seriously, it was very different from the reading materials. It felt like everything I learned wasn’t on the exam. The exam really does go much deeper than the reading materials. I felt defeated for a few days and really wanted to reschedule the exam. I will likely fail again. I need to do something about my lack of experience. I think I found a place online that has labs that I can follow. For now, I will keep reviewing so I don’t forget, until then I need to look for ways to improve my knowledge of reading logs. No one in my class seems to be taking the exam anytime soon, which is unfortunate. I would really like to discuss to people about their experiences. This is my fourth certification, and I will not stop! I had a few days to think about things and you know what—failure is part of learning. So lets just keep moving forward.

SSCP for 2020

My plan was to complete CySA+ and dive into SSCP. I’d like to eventually go for the CISSP. But it is pointless right now because you need five years experience to get the credentials.

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