Samsung S7 Edge Display Assembly and Battery Replacement Documentation
Tools and assembly kits were ordered from iFixit.

I had followed instruction from the guides for the battery replacement as well as the display assembly replacement from iFixit. This is a great website for anyone who wants to do their own repairs.

Tools: Phillips #00 Screwdriver, suction handle, spudge, iFixit opening picks (6), tweezers, iOpener, SIM card eject tool

Samsung S7 Edge (International version) with adhesive, new battery and front display assembly replacement

1. Removed the SIM card via SIM card opening tool

2. Warmed up the iOpener for 30 seconds in the microwave and applied it behind the phone’s right long side for 2 minutes. Adhesive was difficult, warmed up the iOpening a total of 5 times before being able to insert a pick.

This process took several applications until the adhesive was soft enough to insert picks into
Move picks up along the side to keep adhesive from setting back in

3. Loosened up the adhesive and used picked to clear adhesive, lifted the back lit carefully.

4. Removed the 12 3.5mm Phillips

5. Removed upper antenna

6. Removed wireless charging coil (the coil itself is attached to a plastic material)

7. Lift to remove loudspeaker

Back panel, wireless charging coil, antenna, and loudspeaker next to S7 Edge

8. Disconnect the battery (I will replace the OEM battery with a new battery upon reassembling)

9. Disconnect the display cable

10. Disconnect the power button cable

11. Disconnect red and white antenna connectors

12. Disconnect home button connector

13. Disconnect front-facing sensory array cables

14. Disconnect volume button cable

14. Carefully removed the motherboard slowly, located the daughterboard ribbon cable from the underside of the motherboard and disconnected it

Lift gently as there is a connection at towards the bottom connecting to daughterboard
Motherboard is removed

15. Applied iOpener on the front side and begin process to remove the front display panel. The front panel was tricky, be patient with cutting thru. Watch the front right side for the display cable and the bottom right side for the home button cable.
Remember to push the picks upwards toward the display as I accidentally cut thru the foil backing on the display. It seems okay as it will be replaced.

16. Removed the display assembly.

17. Removed the adhesive from the frame, note it is necessary to remove all traces of the adhesive. Also any glass fragments.

18. Clean the adhesion areas with isopropyl alcohol (recommended to wipe in one direction only)

I think there should be a bracket around the home button which isn’t present here

19. Placed the adhesive strips near the phone to see where they will go.

20. Applied the adhesive strips to capacitative buttons, fingerprint sensor and the u shape body adhesive

applying capacitative button adhesive, one on each side

21. Once pieces are aligned, the plastic liner is removed leaving the expose screen facing adhesive

22. The new display panel is carefully aligned and inserted with the display cable placed thru the slot

23. I used my textbooks to put some weight on top of the screen for about an hour to allow the adhesive to bond

24. At this point, I can begin to reassemble the back panel of the phone by reversing steps 14 to step 4.

25. The back panel adhesive replacement was straight forward. Did not require having to replace the adhesive on the rear bezel, battery, or fingerprint sensor.
Adhesive was replaced for the back cover support by laying the film on the back of the phone first, then placing the back cover on the phone to adhere correctly on the back cover.

26. Back cover perimeter adhesive goes around the outer rim of the back cover

27. Remove the film from the adhesives

28. Last check to make sure the phone works before putting back cover on. Powers on, touch display works, camera is good, we are good to go

29. The phone is now ready to become whole again, align the back cover to the back of the phone and press down.

30. Allowing the adhesive to set for an hour (weighted with books)

31. Lastly, since we replaced the battery, we need it to be calibrated. It is currently at 50% power. We will let it drop below 10%, before fully charging it to 100%.

32. The last owner still has data on the phone, so we will perform a factory reset.

All done! This is a beautiful display for a device that is from several years ago.

Total time to complete: about 7 hours

About 2 hours of it was letting the adhesive set. An extended amount of time was used when heating the phone to get the adhesive to soften enough to insert the picks.

The the home button seem to have a bracket missing that I saw in the iFixit tutorial. Possibly due to the device being from Asia.

Tape was used to attempt to keep the glass from breaking further. For future repairs, apply a glass cover would be prefect for this.

Wearing protective eyewear while removing the glass would be a great idea.

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