Apply 27″ Cinema LED Display Monitor

Some of the Apple displays at my internship have some glass screen damage as we well as frayed thunderbolt cables. We decided to go ahead and repair them. With a pair of heavy duty screen removal suction cup tools, the front glass pops right off revealing a group of magnets. Its hard of hard to believe that’s all that keeps the screen from falling off.

The thunderbolt cable assembly required some components to be removed or disconnected to release the assembly from the socket. It was a straight forward procedure with the iFixit tool kit. Every once in awhile I ground myself to prevent any static build up.

Once the cable assembly is in place, we reverse the process to get it back together. Every screw is back and accounted for, and the small wires connected.

Prior to replacing the new glass, we connected a Macbook Pro to the LED display and power it up. It looks like everything is working. The last twelve screws are put back, and then we plop the new glass on top aligned to the display. Those are some strong magnets.

The frayed cable that was removed

We did a few of these today. I never really liked the materials Apple uses for their cables (ie. the nightmarish entanglement of the Apple wired headphones). But overall, it was a great experience to take these displays apart. After we tested them, they were returned to their users.

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